Great Mixes Help You Level Up.

I know that a great mix can help an artist level up so I take your musical goals seriously.


I guarantee that your mixes will be 100% ready for mastering, and that the pseudo-mastered version I give you (included) will sound great to you on most playback systems.

Let's Create Mixes that Drive Your Musical Career.

Does your music cross genres? You need a creative mix engineer who can interpret your artistic goals.


Do you record yourself? Partner with an experienced engineer to finish off your work in a properly treated room.


Are some of your recordings in rough shape? You’ll be surprised at how audio restoration can save a nasty recording.


Are you serious about your music career? You need seriously high-quality mixes for streaming, downloading, or licensing these days.

Hear the Difference

The following BEFORE and AFTER clips are from the SAME ORIGINAL ARTISTS’ RECORDINGS. The only difference is our mixing.

Everything Your Mixes Need

Expert Audio Restoration & Noise Reduction

Acoustically-Treated & Measured Room

Meticulous Audio Editing & Fade Creation

Multiple Mixdowns: TV mix, vocal up/down, film/video, etc.

Drum Layering Available

Vocal & Instrument Tuning Available

Album & Referral Discounts

Custom Mastering Available for CD, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Vinyl


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$400 PER SONG, UP TO 5:00 min.


# Session Recalls Included – 2

Max # Stereo Tracks Before Add’l Charges – 48

Average Turnaround Time for Initial Output – 96 hours

Pseudo-mastering – INCLUDED



Instrumental, a capella, Vocal Up/Down, Stems, Conversions, etc. – $25 each



Album/EP Discount (6+ Songs) – 10%

Ask Us about Referral Discounts



Session Organization, Editing, Arranging, Add’l Tracks, Tuning, Beat Matching, Time Stretching, Drum Replacement, File Format Conversions, Add’l Recalls, Songs Longer than 5’00” – $125/hour

Priority Queue (Rush) – $50

“The song has to be recorded in the highest production value possible for the genre…before it can be pitched for use in film and TV.”

Tanvi Patel

CEO Crucial Music Corp.

Bruce Swedien and Quincy Jones created 92 mixes for Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean.

Which one did they choose? Mix 2. But the other 90 were a big part of that decision.
“A thriving marketplace will exist for artists that are forward-thinking, educated, technologically sophisticated, and that employ good asset management practices.”

Hunter Williams,

SVP of Research at SESAC


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