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Coming Soon

Future site of Stellar Sound Labs, a Rhode-Island, USA specialty audio mixing studio


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icon1Music Mixing

We make your mix sound EXPENSIVE. Our principles:

◯ SOUND: nothing less than radio-friendly analog+digital hybrid mixes
◯ ENERGY: your listeners will be moved, both in excitement and sensitivity
◯ PASSION: sweating the details to create drama and impact
◯ SERVICE: the finest competitive mixes that fully realize your vision

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icon4Sound for Picture

Why just tell a story when you can also immerse your audience in a clean, lush soundscape?

We wrote the book (literally) on creating soundtracks and we do it in a high-quality sound-treated facility for maximum translation and broadcast impact.

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Stellar Quality.

Plenty of engineers can give you solid mixes with B+ results. We’re not happy until your tracks are shining examples of their genre that keep the listener on edge the whole time. Tap into our 15 years’ of New York and California experience mixing soundtracks for signed & unsigned artists and the world’s top brands.

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Ears, Not Gear.

Maybe you’re getting fine sound quality from your current mixes, but your songs are lacking that VAVOOM that turns LIKE into LOVE. We can get you there!

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