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ALL MASTERS INCLUDE: 1 session recall and 3 stereo outputs (CD, Spotify, and AAC). See ‘ADDITIONAL OUTPUTS’ below for details.

Discount of 10% for 5 or more tracks will be applied at checkout. Please read the Terms of Service, the FAQ, or ask questions so you know exactly what to expect.

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Add Extra Services

Additional Outputs$10.00
Additional Recalls$25.00
Re-mastering / Re-submission$30.00
DDP Master (for CD duplication)$30.00
Vinyl-ready Master$50.00
Rush Service (outputs delivered in 48 hours or less)$50.00


Careful mixing of up to 5 stereo audio groups (stems) into a final mix in our treated room. Then it goes through mastering. See the FAQ.

In & out fades and track crossfades are included (if you want them) as these are better done in mastering. We can also do various editing tasks for you (that are better done in mixing, to be honest!) like hum, click, pop, and hiss reduction, move/replace/crossfade songs and sections, arrangement edits, and timestretching.

Every master comes with the the 3 outputs listed at the top of this page. Additional exports and high-quality conversions are available. Let us know what you need.
Spotify – 44.1kHz 24-bit Broadcast WAV file at streaming levels
WAV-24 – Highest quality 24-bit stereo Broadcast WAV at full CD level. 44.1kHz or 48k (same as source)
CD – 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo Broadcast WAV at full CD loudness. A properly dithered output for CD.
Tidal/Amazon/Qobuz – 44.1kHz 24-bit stereo at streaming loudness levels
FLAC – retains 100% WAV quality in a smaller file size
m4a AAC – MPEG-4 256kB lossy encoding. Newer (better sounding) format to MP3
MP3 – MPEG-3 320kB CBR lossy encoding. Choose m4a-AAC for a higher quality & more recent alternative.
YouTube – Like Spotify except a bit louder. Either 44.1k or 48k (same as source files)

You get 1 recall included with every master. This is usually enough for us to exceed your expectations. If you find that a track needs additional revisions to get it sounding perfect, we will be happy to keep revising toward your vision. We make new outputs based on your emailed list of changes. Additional recalls can be ordered for $25 each.

If you re-submit a mix file after mastering has begun, we unfortunately have to start over on our end. In these cases the surcharge is half our regular rate (currently $30).

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