Custom, Professional Music Mastering

Realize Your Highest Artistic Vision


I offer no less than custom, personalized mastering for experienced musicians who have a unique and complex vision for their sound.

My 25+ years playing, producing, and publishing music is what separates me from other mastering engineers. Like them, I can help enhance your music and be sure it translates well. But I also have the taste and musical perspective to know how to bring out the tone, texture, punch, and groove that will make your record absolutely shine.

Artists have many choices today. And gear is no longer what makes the difference. Do you want to partner with an engineer who cares about the meaning and interpretation of your songs, or with a technician who puts your tracks through the same EQ and limiters as everyone else's trying to achieve goals like 'flatness' ?

Send me a link to a track for some free feedback. I'll be upfront about whether I feel it just needs a final quality check, or serious work. Tell me if you're trying to achieve a specific vision, or maybe you want to carefully sequence the loudness of an album. I love to hear your unique vision and challenges. Bring it on!

After mastering with me, your songs will:

Sound competitive when played on most systems, including in mono and on headphones
Have appropriate loudness, frequency response, width, and depth for their genre
Have the tone, texture, punch, and groove that you want dialed in

Professional mastering is the final, crucial 15% of a long creative process. From here, your songs will represent you as an artist. I hope you choose a mastering engineer who will work closely with you to achieve your highest vision for your music.


CUSTOM MASTERING, PER SONG (under 5 mins): $60

- Stem Mix-Mastering (max. 5 stems): $180 per track
- Editing, Restoration, Variations, Additional Outputs, Recalls: $10 & up
- CD & Vinyl track sequencing: $30 & up

10% compilation discount for 5 or more tracks in a project

Free listening/feedback on your music with no obligation. Submit via the Contact page.

Get a quick estimate of your project here.



For each song, you will receive one highest-quality, carefully dithered stereo output, with full metadata encoding, at either streaming, CD, or vinyl loudness level (your choice). Additional outputs available for a nominal charge.

One session recall is included to accommodate your changes (2 with stem mastering service).

Initial output delivered within 72 hours.



First, Estimate and Submit Your Order

Then Prepare Your Mixes and Metadata

Send In Your Files, Tell Me Your Vision and Wishes

I'll Send Your Initial Outputs within 72 Hrs

Send Me Your Changes and I'll Perfect Your Tracks

You'll Listen, Give Me Feedback, Approve My Final Changes

A Few Days Later, You'll Receive Your Final Masters

RobertLarow 150x150 - Custom, Professional Mastering Services

Mark has been a trusted go-to for me for many years on all things related to mixing, mastering, acoustics and gear. There are very few people I’ve worked with over my 20 years producing in the industry who have the same work ethic, musical sensibilities and dedication to the art and pursuit of knowledge of their craft; a trait seen less and less frequently these days.

Robert Larow

Orange Factory Music (Jay Sean, Fabolous, Monrose)
AronMiller Birdlife 01 e1595884830355 150x150 - Custom, Professional Mastering Services

Working with Mark has been an exceptional experience. He is a master of his craft and he also has the sensibility of a great, relevant musician/artist. When he mentions being true to the vision of the client, he means it. He really cares, he really gets INSIDE your music.

Aron Miller

PigeonThieves 1024x768 1 1 150x150 - Custom, Professional Mastering Services

Our album was a mix of many styles, and Mark met each one with skillfulness and flexibility. He was very thorough, and worked very hard on getting our songs to sound in ways that we liked. He really cared about our project, was patient, and went the extra mile to create high quality work, for which we are very grateful.

Ruta & Kevin

Pigeon Thieves
Kevin TERAGRAM 02 150x150 - Custom, Professional Mastering Services

Mark was able to transform my lo-fi 4-track mono recordings into competitive stereo songs. He brought life to my shitty bedroom recordings. A true sound artist.

Kevin Strang

Griffin Stenger 1 150x150 - Custom, Professional Mastering Services

Mark always delivered. Even when that meant crazy hours, and impossible requests.

Griffin Stenger

The Concept Farm agency, New York
Michele Meek e1585798959315 1 150x150 - Custom, Professional Mastering Services

It was a pleasure to work with Mark. He is an absolute professional who adapts to his client’s needs, working on budget and on time, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality. He’s a perfectionist for your work.

Michele Meek