Consumer standards for media are higher than ever. Audiences easily dismiss low production value material. Your work has one chance to make a positive impression before the channel gets changed!

A great soundtrack easily distinguishes professional work from consumer. Great sound emotionally engages the audience from the first frame, because they can feel it. Audiences get glued to the screen when they hear clean, robust dialogue in a dynamic mix that punctuates the action.

Advanced Dialogue Restoration & Sweetening

Dialogue Replacement and Narration Recording

Sound Design from massive Sound Effects, Foley, and Ambience libraries

Meticulous Music Editing that moves your story forward

Complete Soundtrack Mixing to ITU-R BS.1770 loudness for broadcast & streaming

Original Music Production (modern radio styles and ambient)

Selected Work

Gatorade ‘Reaper’ (spot)

Complete sound design and broadcast mix. Andrew Neel, Director

‘Support Rhode Island Libraries’ (spot)

Dialogue sweetening and broadcast mixing. Stephanie Ewens, Director

Mini-Cooper ‘Slingshot Not Included’ (spot)

Complete sound design and broadcast mix. Andrew Neel, Director

University of Rhode Island ‘Careers in the Humanities’ (podcast)

Original music, dialogue cleanup, and online mix. Michele Meek, Producer

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We have streamlined our process to better serve your deadlines and budget. Follow the link below to see how we help you create a Stellar Audio Post.

“If the sound isn’t clear, it’s a deal breaker.”

Janet Pierson

“‘We’ll fix it in post’…It’s like making a movie with a bad script.”

Thomas Varga

veteran sound mixer (Birdman, Blue Jasmine)
“Poor sound mix and design is a sure sign of amateur filmmaking.”

Danny Greer

Senior Commercial Video Editor, Abernethy Media Professionals
“Sound is so often overlooked as such an important part of our day to day existence, and our relationship to media. Without sound and music, we lose the emotional connection to our media, whether it’s a film or game.”

Karen Collins

Director, ‘Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound’
“Sound is 50 percent of the movie going experience, and I’ve always believed audiences are moved and excited by what they hear in my movies at least as much as by what they see.”

George Lucas

George Lucas!
“Directors put a great deal of their energy into an actor’s performance, but I always tell them that performance means nothing if you can’t hear it clearly.”

Thomas Varga

veteran sound mixer (Birdman, Blue Jasmine)
“Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.”

David Lynch

Director (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Dr)
“Often times people are rushing to make festival deadlines…we are constantly seeing films that aren’t mixed yet.”

Janet Pierson

“Get rid of the shitty sound. Life’s too short.”

Hans Zimmer

German film score composer of over 150 films


The Practical Filmmaker's Guide to Great Sound

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