Music Mastering

Mastering is the difference that sets your tracks apart from tens of thousands of home studio musicians.

More than just a sheen, it’s years of experience of knowing what your tracks need to excel.

Every song we master has more Depth, Power, Clarity, BalanceShine, and Groove.

And of course: excellent translation, full metadata, and proper levels for every distribution medium.

You’ll be 100% ready for streaming, downloading, selling, and licensing.

Why Master with Us?

Acoustically-Treated & Measured Room

You can’t trust anything else.

Custom Masters for Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, even Vinyl

We can provide Multiple Outputs for various needs.

Total Recall

As many changes and revisions as you need.

Red Book Masters & DDP

We can create masters to Red Book CD duplication standards.

Noise Reduction, Edits, and Fades

We’ll take care of the final polishing.

Stem Mastering Available

Let us achieve your final mix stem balances in an accurate room, with fresh ears.

Listen to Our Work

[tracklist id=”364″ eq=””]

“The song has to be recorded in the highest production value possible for the genre…before it can be pitched for use in film and TV.”

Tanvi Patel

CEO Crucial Music Corp.

Bruce Swedien and Quincy Jones created 92 mixes for Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. [If we could all be so lucky]

Which one did they choose? Mix 2. But the other 90 were a big part of that decision…
“A thriving marketplace will exist for artists that are forward-thinking, educated, technologically sophisticated, and that employ good asset management practices.”

Hunter Williams,

SVP of Research at SESAC


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