Music Mastering

Get your music 100% ready for streaming, downloading, sales, and licensing. Reveal the details that help your songs sound impressive in their genre.



We can refine the Depth, Power, Clarity, BalanceShine, Groove, and Meaning you’ve put SO much time and effort into.



We want you to sound great anywhere. You get proper levels for various streaming outlets, CD, and vinyl, with guaranteed excellent translation.



You need to sound your absolute best for sales & licensing. Mastering is a relatively small investment for the assurance, convenience, and all the extras you get with us (see below).

Why Master with Us?

Acoustically-Treated & Measured Room

You can’t trust anything else.

Custom Outputs for Spotify, CDBaby, YouTube, CD, Vinyl…

…with proper levels & dynamic range, as you like it.

We Speak Music!

Talk to us about tone, groove, feel, space, vision….We get it.

Vinyl & CD Ready

You’ll be ready for Red Book CD / DDP and Vinyl duplication.

Noise Reduction, Final Edits, and Fades

Let us take care of the final tweaks.

Stem Mastering Available

Let us achieve your final mix stem balances in an accurate room, with fresh ears.

Selected Work

Mastering can be both subtle and strong, bringing out the best and helping your music sound great in its genre. Listen for tamed low end, better balance and tone, reduced harshness, better imaging, width, and definition.

Note: Each clip will switch between BEFORE-and-AFTER versions several times during playback. We have tried to match the levels for easy comparison.

Client Feedback

Music Mastering Rates


Same Rate for All Stereo Mastering up to 5 min.

You’ll Receive 1 Broadcast WAV File with Metadata Ready for Streaming (at Spotify Levels)

You Also Get 2 (Louder) Outputs at 1. CD Pressing and 2. CDBaby Specs

Includes 1 Session Recall after Initial Output

3-day or Less Turnaround for First Mix Output

We Also Master from Stems (Rate = 2X the Above Amount)



This is Not ‘Drive-Thru’ Mastering–We Care About the Feel and Tone of Your Music

Work Directly with Mark (Owner-Chief Engineer)

We Host Both In-person and Remote Listening Sessions

Free Production Tips and Studio Hacks for Artists & Engineers

Your Own Project Folder and ‘Roadmap’ to Track Your Success

Advice on Acoustics, Mixing, Repair, Sound for Picture, Licensing, and more

5% Album/EP Discount for 5 Songs+

5% Referral Discount (All Stackable)



Production/Editing/Arranging — Songs >5min — Sessions >4 Stereo Tracks — Session Organization — Add’l Recalls — Add’l Outputs

All Billed Actual Time @ $90/hour

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