Let's Create Mixes that Drive Your Musical Career

Do you record yourself or your band?

Finish your vision in my treated room. You’ll gain a whole new perspective from my 25+ years in music and audio.



Does your music cross genres?

Songwriter-shoegazers, alt-hybrid-pop-rockers, jazzy trap heads, bring the creativity and let’s get it ready for broadcast. You navigate, I’ll drive.



Are you serious about your music career?

You need mixes that both satisfy your vision for the song, and help it compete well by sounding great in its genre.

Listen to Our Mixes

The following BEFORE clips are the original artist rough mixes. The AFTER versions are our final outputs.

Note: Some clips switch between before & after during playback. We have tried to match the volume for easy comparison.

Pigeon Thieves

Client Feedback

Music Mixing Rates

$200-1000 PER SONG

For Fairness, Quotes are Based on the Complexity of Your Mix, from Folk to Urban to Rock to Pop

Same Rate for Mixing from Tracks or Stems

You Get a 32-bit WAV File with Strong Dynamics, Ready for Mastering

We Also Provide 2 Hotter ‘Pseudo-mastered’ Stereo WAVs Optimized for Spotify & CD/CDBaby

You’ll Get an MP3 or M4a (lossy) Compressed Version as well

4-day Turnaround for *Initial* Mix Output

2 Session Recalls Included after Initial Output

Your Vision, Our Hands



Work Directly with Mark (Owner-Chief Engineer) to Achieve YOUR Vision

We Host Both In-person and Remote Listening Sessions

Your Own Project Folder and ‘Roadmap’ to Track Your Success

Full Statistical Analysis of Your Mixes’ Loudness, Dynamics, and More (on request)

Free Production Tips, Advice, Studio Hacks, and Referrals

Ask Us about Acoustics, Mixing, Repair, Sound for Picture, Licensing, and more

5% Album/EP Discount for 5 Songs+

$25 Referral Discount (stackable!)



Production/Editing/Arranging — Songs >5min — Sessions >72 Stereo Tracks — Tuning — Beat Matching & Time Stretching — Session Organization — Add’l Recalls — File Format Conversions — Complete Stem Outputs

All Billed Actual Time @ $90/hour

Get a Free Quote

Let’s talk about your project!  Select a time below and we’ll reach out to you.


Get a Free Quote

Let’s talk about your project!  Give us some details below and we’ll reach out to you.

Everything You Need

Here are the minimum outputs we provide for every mix:


1. FINAL MIX / PRE-MASTER. A high-resolution, fully dynamic, 32-bit Broadcast WAV file with lots of headroom for your mastering engineer to bask in.


For those songs that are NOT going on to mastering, we give you 2 additional outputs*

2. PSEUDO-MASTER (STREAMING). A 24-bit output at modern streaming levels (typically optimized for Spotify)

3. PSEUDO-MASTER (CD LEVEL). A pumped-up 16-bit “pseudo-master” that’s almost as loud as a mastered CD


We also include a small compressed version for easy sharing:

4. LOSSY. An MP3 or M4a of the pseudo-master **


Additional outputs we can provide include: Full stems, instrumental, TV mix, vocal up/down, conversions, etc.


Your music sounds best when it has great dynamics, tone, and space–not just volume. If you have concerns about loudness let us know.


*If you’re getting your songs mastered (It’s important!) then you’ll have these 2 pumped-up mixes to use in the interim.
**We use the highest-quality encoders to compress to MP3 & M4a (yes, we tested them) so this will still sound pretty decent.

Everything Your Mixes Need

Expert Audio Restoration & Noise Reduction

Acoustically-Treated & Measured Room

Meticulous Audio Editing & Fade Creation

Multiple Mixdowns: TV mix, vocal up/down, film/video, etc.

Drum Layering Available

Vocal & Instrument Tuning Available

Album & Referral Discounts

Custom Mastering Available for CD, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Vinyl

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