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Turn your music into something you will feel proud to share and shop.

Hi, I'm Mark

My name is Mark Scetta.

I have 25 years in the art and science of audio. I speak music and emotion as well as dither and aliasing. I can turn most mixes into products that will sound right for their genre.

I care about music, how it sounds, and the details of how it’s presented. I love to hear an artist’s vision and use all my urban, rock, folk, and jazz experience to help them get there. I will always make time to speak with you personally.

Mastering can bring out more sensitivity and emotion in your music. It brings out the details and puts the finishing layer on your work. Mastering gets your tracks ready for duplication and licensing, opening up business opportunities for your music career. And it brings respect from fans and peers.

What I love most is helping artists sound better than they thought they could.


Why Master With Mark?

What’s different about mastering with me is that I take the time to get inside your music and understand the sound you’re going for–and why. I care about the tone and details in your music. Ultimately I want you to feel ecstatic that I nailed both the vision and the vibe.


My Commitment To You

This is not ‘drive-thru’ online mastering. I will:

✔ bring you a fresh perspective and help refine your signature sound
✔ be open and honest with you and not hold back ideas for improvement
✔ sculpt the sonics of your songs so they stand up well in their genre
✔ correct any noise or other issues that I can for you
✔ get your music 100% ready for streaming, digital and vinyl duplication, and licensing
✔ share referrals and advice on production, electronics, acoustics, and licensing opportunities

I guarantee that you will be surprised at how clear, punchy, and textured your music can sound.


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