Custom Music Mastering - Free Sample

If you're curious about what I can do for your music but aren't ready to commit, I'll be happy to do one free sample master for you. Use the form below to send in your  24- or 32-bit WAV file. I will return to you a one-minute sample of the master as a 16-bit WAV to give you an idea of what I can do for you.

Your vision, tastes, speakers, and ears are unique. As I am learning your tastes, please allow 1 or 2 back-and-forth passes to achieve your vision. In the future, revisions are always included--I want you to be thrilled about how I can make your music sound.

Before uploading your files, I need some details about the project. Starred* fields are required, and the rest just helps me better understand your goals. PLEASE be double-sure your contact info is 100% correct.

See the Terms of Service for the complete details of our arrangement. And please read our Privacy Policy. Please don't hesitate to ask questions so you know exactly what to expect!