Custom Music Mastering Services

Create an ORDER or get an ESTIMATE for custom mastering below, or feel free to call me, Mark, at 401-753-3775 and I'll help you.

ANY QUESTIONS? Scroll down to DETAILS, check the FAQ, or read the exact Terms of Service.


Stem mastering is careful mixing of up to 5 of your stereo instrument groups into a stereo mix in my treated room. Then I give it the full Standard mastering treatment. See the FAQ for details.

I can do various editing tasks for you (that are better done in mixing to be honest!) like hum, click, pop, and hiss reduction, move/replace song sections, micro edits, and timestretching.


In & out fades and track-to-track crossfades are included FREE (if you want them) and I suggest you let me do these in mastering for better quality. You can let me know later, after checkout.


Variations are alternate versions of your base track and might include: instrumental, radio friendly, TV mix, vocal up/down, etc. Variations for Standard Mastering Service are heavily discounted to help you meet the needs of labels and licensing.


Every track and variation you submit for custom mastering includes any 1 output of your choice. I can also make any other high-quality, properly-dithered outputs you need. Enter the total number of additional outputs you want for all tracks, and you can choose exactly what you need later.

For best sound quality (this is what you are paying for!) I highly recommend letting me make all final outputs now, in mastering, from your source files, for all distribution outlets you need. Please do not let anyone perform any other conversions to your mastered files later--these will only degrade the frequency response, phase, and transients.

Streaming – 44.1kHz 16-bit or 24-bit Broadcast WAV file at streaming loudness levels
WAV-24 – Highest quality 24-bit stereo Broadcast WAV at full CD loudness. 44.1kHz or 48k (same as source)
CD – 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo Broadcast WAV at full CD loudness
Video – 48k 24- or 16-bit
FLAC – retains 100% WAV quality but in a smaller file size
m4a AAC – MPEG-4 256kB lossy. Newer and better sounding than MP3.
MP3 – MPEG-3 320kB CBR lossy format
Vinyl – ready for vinyl pressing


For album mastering and EP mastering, choose the compilation options you need for CD or vinyl duplication. Compilation discounts kick in at 5+ tracks. All compilations receive extra care in track-to-track loudness matching so that songs will flow in a pleasing manner. Note: Loudness-matching can be ordered even if you do not plan to print CD or vinyl.


Mastering includes unlimited revisions (within reason). I am happy to keep revising toward your vision, with all new outputs based on your changes. Additional recalls beyond the norm can be ordered later at $25 each.


If you re-submit a mix file after custom mastering has begun, unfortunately I have to start over on my end. In these cases, the charge is only half the base rate, billed later as needed.

See the Terms of Service for the complete details of our working relationship. Please don't hesitate to ask questions so you know exactly what to expect!