Doreen Giuliano, client
doreen giuliano

Mother of wrongfully accused John Giuca

"Mark's audio restoration services brought new evidence to light for my son's trial."

Mark Scetta

Audio Mastering Engineer



Audio intelligibility helps win Court Cases, Investigations, Business Deals, and more. You'll receive expert audio restoration services, fully documented results, friendly service, fast turnarounds, at reasonable rates.

audio transcription

I can help your process further by transcribing Hearings, Court Proceedings, Interviews, Meetings, Arbitrations, Wiretaps, 911 Calls, Telephone Calls, Focus Groups, and more.


Doreen Giuliano

"On my son's high-profile criminal case, DA Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi claimed, 'No notes were taken' therefore there was nothing to turn over to the defense. Mark enhanced the audio recording of the deposition which clearly exposed scribbling sounds, pen drops, and page turning! She has since been accused of hiding favorable evidence from the defendant and false representations and nondisclosure of evidence. My son and I are so grateful for his work!"

The Benefits are Clear

Voice Clarity is Job 1

Vocal intelligibility can make or break both legal and business communication. Advanced spectral analysis and the latest algorithmic noise reduction, combined with years of sound restoration experience, achieve clarity that makes most clients simply say "wow."

Critical Noise

Noise focus can identify any non-vocal sounds you deem to be important in a recording. These include writing, paper rustling, background location identifiers, potential edits, pauses, and equipment malfunction, and any other sounds of interest.

Forensic Audio Analysis

I deep-dive into your audio with a crucial metadata analysis. Metadata might include: date and time of recording, recording length, audio demographics, recorder make/model, serial number, settings applied during the recording, and user data such as investigator or case number.

Unlimited Revisions

Audio is mission-critical to your operation so I guarantee 100% no-compromise satisfaction with my work. I'm always happy to oblige when a client wants me to try to achieve more clarity around specific audio events.

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Legal Procedure, 
Documented Results

To ensure quality and consistency in legal proceedings, I follow the principles outlined by the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence.

  • The primary directive of evidence retrieval is procuring and working from the original source recording (or a verified duplicate, preferably digital and uncompressed). Analog sources always incur a loss upon duplication. Digital sources can be exact copies, further verified through metadata.
  • Examination includes assessing the technical characteristics of the recording, signal analysis (spectral and dynamic mapping), and outlining the purported recording equipment and original acoustical environment.
  • When provenance or audio integrity is in question, authentication seeks to determine if a recording is consistent with the manner in which it is alleged to have been produced. This is best determined by the parties originally involved in the recording process. When this is contested, submitting for further scientific analysis (beyond our scope here) is required.
  • Questions often arise about legality of duplications. Any duplicates made in my custody will be exact copies with no loss of signal or metadata. Note that “A duplicate is admissible to the same extent as an original unless (1) a genuine question is raised as to the authenticity of the original or (2) in the circumstances it would be unfair to admit the duplicate in lieu of the original.” [Federal Rule of Evidence 1003]
  • Acceptance. Most courts use some version of the "fair and accurate representation" standard as a measure of acceptance of audio recordings. The same general principles apply regardless of the format in which the audio is recorded and the physical media onto which the recording is stored.
  • Handling evidence requires documentation of every step of the process, including communications, shipping records, media condition, media hash values, and my working methods. You receive a full report including chain of custody.
  • The steps taken in the critical audio repair & recovery phase occur in a 100% digital environment using industry-standard sound restoration software. When necessary, vintage media transfers are outsourced to skilled personnel whose processes are completely documented.
  • Delivery occurs in an uncompressed, high-quality media format unless requested otherwise. The client may specify instant online transfer, physical write-once media, or another method. All clients receive a complete report of forensic audio services including metadata analysis and chain of custody.

What You’ll Get During My Free Consultation for Audio Forensics

In the business and in legal fields, time is money. A quick chat and a listen of your audio upfront can better set expectations. I provide a FREE no-obligation strategy recommendation with my estimate. You'll speak with me (Mark) directly, there's no sales pitch on the call, and I won't waste your time.

Before Our Call

If you are able to, click here to send me a short clip of the file that needs audio restoration services. All uploads are 100% secure and handled only by Mark.

During the Call

We'll set realistic expectations for what can be done to improve audibility, I'll answer any additional questions you have about audio forensics, and I'll give you a cost and timing estimate.

After the Call

You'll understand all of the benefits of my sound restoration services. And there will be no obligation to hire me at this point!

About Mark

My training in professional audio recording and sound for picture began well into the last century. In 2008, I published a 300-page book on achieving higher-quality sound for multimedia projects. I love using my trained ears and audio engineering skills to make a positive difference in peoples' lives.

My audio lab is a controlled, acoustically-treated environment with high-powered computers running industry-leading audio forensics software into full-range studio monitors. With this setup, I can hear "further into" your recording than engineers at most other studios and this helps me create better results.

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Real Client Feedback

Stephanie Ewens

Director & Photojournalist

Working with Mark is awesome. He has a deep knowledge of sound and a ton of experience. He's an excellent listener and delivered exactly what I asked for. I've worked with him on multiple projects including a commercial, on which he went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed and all before deadline. I can't recommend Mark enough!

Josh Weinstein
Josh Weinstein

American Express, New York

Mark helped make my burgeoning video production practice into a polished reality. I learned approaches to working with image and sound that I still use in my work today.

Griffin Stenger
Griffen Stenger

The Concept Farm agency, New York

Mark always delivered. Even when that meant crazy hours, and impossible requests.

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