A Little About Us

At Stellar Sound Labs we have some principles from which we approach the work–


1. Sculpt the work toward a defined vibe or aesthetic.
2. Create a technical fidelity appropriate for the track.
3. Keep perspective on the future context of the music.
4. Put in positive, focused, creative energy.
5. Always work toward the artist’s vision.


If this inspires you to want to work with us, please reach out anytime.

How We Approach Your Work

We take your artistry seriously and try to make the most sensitive and creative engineering decisions we can.

Our goal for you is a commercial-ready mix with your signature sound taken to the next level.

We communicate with you in musical terms and focus on realizing your vision for your work.

We constantly are looking for the best way to bring out the feeling and message of the song.

We’ll bring sensitivity, drama, and excitement to your music.

Ask us how we can help with works registration and getting ready for streaming, licensing, and publishing.

Other Credits

Mark Scetta

Chief Engineer Mark Scetta’s earliest memories are playing records on a little portable orange record player, captivated by great arrangements of pop and r&b music.

record player

. . . . Just like mine!

Since 2001, Mark has recorded, mixed, and mastered music for dozens of independent and signed musicians, co-published 5 sound libraries, created studio gear, designed & built acoustics for studios, mixed sound for picture, and licensed his own original music to TV & film productions.


Today, Mark engineers all client work directly and continues to publish original commercial music. He is an adjunct instructor in the media department at New England Institute of Technology and a regular audio mentor. His 300-page primer on sound for picture, Gardner’s Guide to Audio Post-production, has helped thousands of readers appreciate the art of sound in TV & movies.


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