About Stellar Sound Labs

Imagine if your music could groove harder, feel warmer, shine brighter, and sound more competitive.

Whether you're an artist, producer, or engineer, you do everything you can to create clean, bold, full mixes. But there's high-end harshness, low end vagueness, the vocal doesn't sit right, or there's noise when you turn it up.

Eventually mix time is over and it's time to move on to the next project.

I know the feeling--before I started mastering, I was an indie music producer back in New York. I recorded artists, published sample libraries, and licensed my original music for over 10 years. So I come at this from the MUSIC MAKING side not just as a technician.

The goal of custom mastering is to complete the indie artist's musical vision.

The mission at my mastering studio in Providence, Rhode Island is to realize the indie artists' musical vision. Custom, professional mastering by an objective, musically trained ear finalizes your vision into a work of art you can be proud of.

I work with artists who follow their own musical compass. Artists dedicated to their craft. Artists who are looking for a partner to crystallize their sound. If you want to achieve the best presentation of your music, then we can probably do great things together.

Great work takes passion, partnership, and perspective. My goal is to bring every last ounce of meaning and emotion out of your music.


Customized to You

Lots of mastering engineers can make things louder, but often in a harsh, muddy, or less musical way. My custom mastering approach will bring more life, groove, tone, and texture out of your music based on years of studying the science AND the art.

The difference? I don't just listen, I get 'inside' the music and find what you're reaching for. I draw on years of musical playing and producing to get intimate with your songs and bring out more of what they already are.

I want your music to move people.


We Got This

This isn't your first rodeo--or album--so you know the magic that mastering can impart on a mix. You know that a cheap online 'mastering robot' isn't going to carefully bring out those vocals, tame those harsh upper mids, sequence your album as you like, reduce noise, in general achieve your vision like a musically trained engineer will.

If you're an artist, your strengths are in writing and production. Partner with a mastering engineer who will really GET your music, who will understand it like only a musician can--and get it ready for the world.


An Appeal to the Music

I love working on projects where passion for the music comes first. I would love to see a return to a less disposable, conformist musical society.

There are sound artists who are following their ears and pushing their craftsmanship to new levels. There are writers who put aside the formulas, wringing out their heart and soul for every lyric. There are bands who are really are keeping it real--capturing a one-time vibe that is precious.

If this sounds like you, here's my contact info, I'm ready to help bring out the best in your hard work.

Partner with an objective, musically trained ear to manifest your musical vision...


Mark has been a trusted go-to for me for many years on all things related to mixing, mastering, acoustics and gear. There are very few people I’ve worked with over my 20 years producing in the industry who have the same work ethic, musical sensibilities and dedication to the art and pursuit of knowledge of their craft; a trait seen less and less frequently these days.

Robert Larow

Orange Factory Music (Jay Sean, Fabolous, Monrose)
Mark Scetta Mastering Engineer StellarSoundLabs.com

About Mark Scetta

LittleOrangeRecordPlayerHI my name is Mark and I personally master all of the work here. From 3 years old, I remember being attached at the hip to a little orange record player, captivated by the writing, the performances, the production and arranging of 70's rock and r&b records. It must have worked on batteries, or wind-up, I don't know, but man, that thing went with me everywhere.

On my journey from listener, to musician, to producer, to engineer, I realized that you need both emotion AND execution to create great songs that stay with you forever.


Since 2001, I have recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered music for dozens of independent and signed musicians, especially in indie rock, urban, and jazz. I co-published 5 giant sound libraries, mixed sound for picture, designed & built analog audio gear for signed artists, designed studio acoustics for myself and for #1 Billboard ranking artists, and licensed my own original music to TV & film.

All of this has given me a very wide musical perspective, which I bring my clients. I try to deliver to them the heart and soul of their record, using a musician's taste and an engineer's magic, so their music can move people.


Working with Mark has been an exceptional experience. He is a master of his craft and he also has the sensibility of a great, relevant musician/artist. When he mentions being true to the vision of the client, he means it. He really cares, he really gets INSIDE your music.

Aron Miller


Custom professional mastering is a very human process. I bring a certain musical experience and taste to your work from real, live playing, publishing, engineering, and designing studios and gear. My professional mastering service is the evolution of 30 years' devotion to music creation!

Today, my song and album mastering process is mostly in the box with help from some special, homemade analog equipment. I work closely with discriminating artists to understand their vision and do whatever is needed to achieve it.

I am honored to help bring out the message, vibe, and soul of your creative work. 🙌🏽

Pigeon Thieves

Mark was very thorough, and worked very hard on getting our songs to sound in ways that we liked. He really cared about our project, was patient, and went the extra mile.

Ruta & Kevin

Pigeon Thieves

Working Together

We can get started in one of two ways. You can send me a link to or a sample of your latest mix. I'll be happy to have a listen in my treated room, give you some feedback on your mix, and we'll get you on a plan to release your best-sounding work.

If you're already confident in your mixes and are ready for custom mastering, get yourself a Free Estimate and see everything I have to offer. Thanks for stopping by.