About Stellar Sound Labs

We master music for producers and engineers who care about the final product as much as their artists do. Your clients are dedicated artists with career goals and a vision. But sometimes they don't realize that you are also running a business. I understand the challenge of making both your art and your business work. My goal is to make mastering easy, enjoyable, and enlightening for fellow professional audio engineers.

At Stellar Sound Labs you will enjoy:

  • A high-touch, relationship-focused approach
  • No extra fees for additional outputs
  • Revisions always included
  • Full compilation sequencing
  • Insights and feedback to help you refine your signature sound

Custom, personalized mastering saves you time and energy, helps you serve more clients, and achieves the most stunning musical results.

Robert Larow

Mark has been a trusted go-to for me for many years on all things related to mixing, mastering, acoustics and gear. There are very few people I’ve worked with over my 20 years producing in the industry who have the same work ethic, musical sensibilities and dedication to the art and pursuit of knowledge of their craft; a trait seen less and less frequently these days.

Robert Larow

Orange Factory Music (Jay Sean, Fabolous, Monrose)

A Trusted Partner Who Knows Your Tastes

You're a busy professional. Your clients expect to hear the finest realization of their songs.

I dial in your mixes until we bring the most life and impact out of them. I sweeten and finalize each track into a work of art, whether it needs very little in terms of processing, or whether it needs cleanup or tonal work. Partnering together, we will bring every last ounce of meaning and emotion out of your client's music to help it stand up well in its genre.

A full-service mastering partner helps you create total client satisfaction without doing the mastering yourself or relying on “drive-thru” mastering houses, at rates you can easily build in to your client's budget.

cover art for Aron Miller-Birdlife

Working with Mark has been an exceptional experience. He is a master of his craft and he also has the sensibility of a great, relevant musician/artist. When he mentions being true to the vision of the client, he means it. He really cares, he really gets INSIDE your music.

Aron Miller


Mastering that Won't Ruin Your Mix

This isn't your first rodeo, so you know the magic that mastering can impart on a mix. Custom mastering can carefully bring out those vocals, tame those harsh upper mids, sequence the album as you like, reduce noise, and care about your musical vision.

Mastering makes a track "sweetly louder" while also providing critical quality control. My customized mastering approach brings more life, groove, tone, detail, and texture out of the music based on years of studying the science and the art.

I don't just listen, I get 'inside' the music and find what you're reaching for. I want your mix to move people.

cover art for Pigeon Thieves

Mark was very thorough, and worked very hard on getting our songs to sound in ways that we liked. He really cared about our project, was patient, and went the extra mile.

Ruta & Kevin

Pigeon Thieves

Old-school, Human Attention

I love working on projects where the ambition to create competitive tracks is balanced by a real passion for the music.

Artists pushing their craft to new heights. Writers putting aside the formulas, wringing out their heart and soul for their lyrics. Bands who are keeping it going despite global pandemics. Engineers who put in those extra hours chasing a tone.

If this sounds like you, here's my contact info. I'm ready to bring out the best in your hard work.

About Mark Scetta

Mark Scetta

HI my name is Mark and I personally master all of the work here. Before I started mastering, I was a music producer in New York.

I recorded artists, published sample libraries, mixed film soundtracks, and licensed my own original music internationally for sync. I came to mastering from the MUSIC PRODUCTION side, not as a technician or as an audiophile. This is how I can relate so well to other producers and engineers like yourself.

Having a wide musical perspective helps me get inside the music into the heart and soul of a record. I want your music to move people.

I am honored to help bring out the message, vibe, and soul of your creative work. 🙌🏽

Let's Get This Started

Please feel free to send me a link to your latest mixes. Once I have a listen, I'll reach out with my feedback.

If you need sound restoration, clarification, or audio forensics please check out StellarAudioForensics.com

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