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Custom Mastering for ambitious artists

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Custom Mastering is the Difference

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Do You Need Custom Mastering?

I recommend personalized, custom mastering when the artist cares about the tone, texture, and details in their music, not just trusting their hard work to a loudness limiter.

Maybe you need help bringing out background vocals, getting more punch and energy from transients, enhancing section transitions, adding width and height to a record, achieving loudness without harshness, or getting the lead vocal to sit better.

My custom mastering is a very human process, not a standard template approach. I follow YOUR sonic direction, asking detailed questions and listening to your concerns. I'm not a mastering robot or drive-through service. I'm more like a producer who helps develop your final sound.

I want your tracks to become finished works of art, with the tone and balance you've been reaching for. I want your songs to shine, and the lyrics and performances to reveal more of their meaning.


Care. Attention. Taste.

Tasteful creative touches are part of what distinguishes you as an artist. Mastering is an important link in the chain of creating a work of art, because it affects the entire mix. So I take my direction from you, the artist.

Want your music to be loud and competitive without sounding harsh? No problem. I'll dig in and work on issues so we can turn it up and still sound enjoyable.

Printing CDs or vinyl? I'll make sure the album sequencing, metadata, song transitions, inter-track loudness levels, fades, and tone matching are done right.

Getting ready for streaming or music licensing? I'll make you properly-dithered outputs with full metadata, with a discount for your instrumentals and other song variations. I'll show you how to use metadata to get your music more noticed in licensing catalogs. And I'll advise you on optimized loudness levels for streaming.


Why Master with Mark?

Hi, I'm Mark Scetta. Like many of you, music was my first language. I spent 25+ years actually playing and producing music before getting into engineering. So when I master a song, I'm coming at it like a musician with rocket-science audio skills.

I tend to do everything from scratch. I built my entire studio myself, after years of studying acoustics. I build my analog outboard gear, my computers, my furniture...I like to dig in deep to all my projects.

I take the time to understand the sound you’re going for–and why. I'll give you honest feedback on how to achieve your vision and for areas of improvement.

I like to work with artists who follow their own musical compass. Artists dedicated to their craft. Artists looking for a partner to finalize their sound. Artists for whom a 'mastering robot' is not an option.

I help your work achieve that certain feel or vision through personalized attention.

Clients say that I'm passionate about great sound, I respect the feel of their songs, I give in-depth attention, go the extra mile, and I really care about the project (their words, not mine!).

I'll do whatever it takes to help your music move people. I am honored to help bring out the message, vibe, and soul of your creative work. 🙌🏽

Musical Artists whom I've had the pleasure to work with include Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Fred Schneider (B-52’s), Groove Collective, The Orange Factory (Jay Sean), David Davinchi, Stacie Nevins, Fat Buddah, Snub, Preach, The Amount Boys, Pigeon Thieves, Teragram, Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, Birdlife, and more.