We provide high-touch, full-service mastering tailored to busy producers and mix engineers

Hear the Difference

Volume levels are roughly matched so you can hear what mastering can do for tone, dynamics, and space--not just loudness. Internet streaming is a bit compromised. They sound even better in person!

Music Mastering Isn't a Drive-thru

Mastering shouldn't feel rushed

Mastering can be a transaction, or it can be a transformation. Whatever your vision, every track should reflect positively on your career and mine.

  • I give old-school, personal attention
  • I learn how you work and adapt to your workflow
  • You'll receive multiple options when you’re unsure

Mastering should follow your direction

You’ve got a busy workload and client deadlines. Maybe you’ve had so-so experiences with mastering in the past. You want control over the final sound--you certainly don’t want your hard work ruined in mastering.

Your trusted, go-to mastering engineer should:

  • Treat you like a partner
  • Get back to you promptly
  • Respect your musical vision
  • Almost read your mind!

Mastering should give personal attention

I love connection and community and you will feel valued here. I keep a detailed profile on every one of my clients to get to know their likes.

  • Every track gets all the time it needs, including revisions
  • You'll access a private portal containing all project docs
  • Outputs to your spec, and slick file sharing

The peace of mind of mastering done right So You Can Focus On Your Clients

High Touch

Personal attention

Clear communication

Deep musical experience

Easy to talk to

Partnership vibe

Free pre-mastering advice

Promptly returned calls

Less workflow disruption

Stellar Sound Labs Custom Mastering

Full Service

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited outputs

Full metadata

Slick file sharing

Streaming / download / CD / vinyl

Careful loudness and dynamics

Expert sound restoration

Client Portal

The Stellar Custom Mastering Process


We’ll have a quick phone call or vid chat so I can learn about your project, your musical expectations, and your deadlines.

We'll dial in clear goals for what you and your artist want to achieve in mastering so that nothing is left to chance.


First, we make sure your mixes are ready for mastering. I give you the option of fixing issues in the mix first if I feel the master will be compromised.

I correct any noise, balancing, frequency, leveling, etc. issues. Then I dial in the tone, width, depth, loudness, and dynamics you want, within genre standards, and carefully bring out any latent beauty in your mix that I can.

At this point I'll send you a first pass.


You'll listen through and send me your feedback. We’ll email or have a quick call to be sure you get what you want.

We rinse and repeat until you are satisfied, with no hourlies or extra fees for revisions.

Finally, I sequence the compilation, perform high-resolution fades, match tone and loudness across tracks, and program all metadata. This goes through quality control, and then I render the final outputs.


- 24-bit WAV outputs (for single tracks)
- MP3/AAC/lossy output of your choice
- Any outputs you need for streaming
- DDP archive & DDP player (for compilations)
- A full Project Report
- A full Loudness & Dynamics Report

You also get our feedback, support, referrals, and infinite gratitude for mastering with Stellar Sound Labs!

Music Mastering Services

Stellar Sound Labs Custom Mastering

- Stereo Mastering for digital, CD, or vinyl
- Stem Mastering (2 to 5 stems)

- Unlimited session recalls
- Any outputs you need
- Meticulous edits & fades
- Custom tone shaping
- Noise reduction

- Loudness leveling
- Tone matching
- Careful track sequencing

You'll receive the highest-quality, lossless, properly dithered outputs with full metadata ready for streaming, CD, or vinyl distribution

Work with a trusted partner to achieve your client's vision

When the mastering engineer knows what the producer wants, the producer can stay focused on making music.

  • Choose Your Outputs.

    Streaming, download, CD, vinyl, video, sharing, and more

  • Music First

    Your vision for the music drives the mastering process

  • Perspective.

    Get insights into your mixes that help your workflow

  • Stunning sonics.

    Masters that exceed your and the artist's expectations.

  • Dedication.

    I always go the extra mile for the project.

Mastering should make you look like a hero to your clients.

Mark Scetta

Let's Talk About Your Project

Musical Artists whom I've had the pleasure to work with include Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Fred Schneider (B-52’s), Groove Collective, Robert Larow, The Orange Factory (Jay Sean), David Davinchi, Stacie Nevins, Fat Buddah, Snub, Preach, The Amount Boys, Pigeon Thieves, Teragram, Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, Birdlife, Hollow Turtle, Chris Powers, Maddie McGill, Judah Tribe, and more.