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Custom Music Mastering is the Difference.

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Custom Music Mastering

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Do You Need It?

Artists choose custom music mastering because they want better control over any combination of tone, texture, details, punch, balance, space, and fidelity. They often want their tracks competitively loud without harshness. Partnering with a mastering engineer saves them time and energy to get back to doing what they do best, make music.

Careful mastering can:

  • get more punch and energy from a record
  • add clarity, texture, vibe
  • tighten up the low end
  • bring out evocative tones, e.g. 60s vibe
  • get the lead vocal to sit better
  • bring an instrument out of the mix
  • optimize height (frequency spread), width (soundstage), or depth (space)
  • add energy going into to the choruses
  • reduce harshness, noise, room resonances, clicks, pops, crackle, hum, hiss
  • set the loudness and dynamic range
  • create properly dithered outputs with metadata
  • bring out the best in your music

Care. Attention. Taste.

Music mastering is the lens through which the audience sees and judges your music. Mastering is powerful and affects the entire mix. It deserves a human touch.

Good mastering can enhance the song's uniqueness and get it to sound great soft or loud.

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This Ain't Drive-thru.

Custom mastering is organic and human and not from a template. I ask detailed questions and follow the artist's direction, advising them as we go. Working together, a final sound emerges, usually after 1 or 2 revisions.

I want your tracks to be finished works of art, with the tone and balance you've been reaching for.


Music mastering optimizes dynamics and loudness levels for streaming, music licensing, or printing CDs and vinyl and includes:

loudness balancing between tracks
tone matching between tracks
fades and song transitions
desired album sequencing
comprehensive metadata

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Thank You!

To my music mastering clients, who say that I:

  • am passionate about great sound
  • respect the feel of their songs
  • give in-depth attention
  • go the extra mile
  • really care about the project

I'll do whatever I can to help your music move people. I am honored to help bring out the message, vibe, and soul of your creative work. 🙌🏽

Musical Artists whom I've had the pleasure to work with include Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Fred Schneider (B-52’s), Groove Collective, The Orange Factory (Jay Sean), David Davinchi, Stacie Nevins, Fat Buddah, Snub, Preach, The Amount Boys, Pigeon Thieves, Teragram, Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, Birdlife, and more.