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E N G I N E E R I N G    E M O T I O N

Music Mixing that Serves Your Vision

Our mission is to maximize the emotional delivery of your songs to help drive your musical career.

My name is Mark, I’m a mix engineer and owner of Stellar Sound Labs in Providence, RI USA. Mixing is so important. I have seen great mixes make an artist cry with joy. The journey that the engineer and artist take together crystallizes and defines all the work from songwriting through recording.

I love hearing about your projects, your musical goals, and what artistically you’re trying to accomplish. I personally mix all of the work here, and my process is streamlined toward helping you achieve your vision for your music. You not only get great mixes from my studio, but also support and advice to master, play, shop, license, or whatever serves your musical goals. Feel free to send over a link to a rough mix of your latest project, I’ll have a listen to it in my acoustically treated and measured room, and we’ll get you on a plan to release your music to the world.

What’s your vision?

Your musical goals and how you interpret the song to us are what drive our mixes. We give your songs their most defining moment–the mix.



We want to move you.

We mix hybrid indie music styles for artists with commercial ambitions. Listen to our work for its professional pop/rock balance and sheen. We go for: kinetic energy, deep grooves, sensitive tones, and big 3D space.



Great mixes help artists reach a larger audience.

Mixes that translate well and impress fans can open doors and career opportunities. Mixing is so important.

Thanks for stopping by. Listen to some CLIENT WORK samples or CONTACT US.

Selected Clients

Signed and Unsigned Artists include Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Fred Schneider, The Orange Factory, David Davinchi, Stacie Nevins, The Amount Boys, Pigeon Thieves, and many more.

It's About the Music

You’ve captured the emotion and the meaning in your recordings.

You want people to people feel the depth and meaning in your music.

But audience attention spans are low and their expectations are very high.

To reach fans, your songs need to draw audiences in with clarity, dynamics, sensitivity, balance, space, and creativity.



For us, mixing is guided by two things: the song’s overall VIBE and APPROACH and its lyrical MEANING.

So first, we work closely with you over several revisions to achieve YOUR VISION for the song.

Then we give you a plan for releasing your music, whether for streaming, licensing, or distribution.


Best of all, as a producer I speak MUSIC! Let me help you stand out in today’s crowded music space!

Our album was a mix of many styles, and he met each one with skillfulness and flexibility. Mark was very thorough, and worked very hard on getting our songs to sound in ways that we liked. He really cared about our project, was patient, and went the extra mile to create high quality work, for which we are very grateful.

Ruta & Kevin

Pigeon Theives
Working with Mark is awesome. He has a deep knowledge of sound and a ton of experience. He’s an excellent listener and delivered exactly what I asked for. I’ve worked with him on multiple projects including a commercial and short form videos, on which he went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed and all before deadline. I can’t recommend Mark enough!

Stephanie Ewens

Director & Photojournalist at StephanieEwens.com
It was a pleasure to work with Mark. He is an absolute professional who adapts to his client’s needs, working on budget and on time, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality. He’s a perfectionist for your work. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Michele Meek

Founder of NewEnglandFilm.com
Mark helped make my burgeoning video production practice into a polished reality. I learned approaches to working with image and sound that I still use in my work today.

Josh Weinstein

American Express
Mark always delivered. Even when that meant crazy hours, and impossible requests.

Griffin Stenger

Managing Director, The Concept Farm agency, New York


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